About Me

I code for fun. I know C#, HTML, JavaScript, node.js, Java, and Lua. Some of my biggest projects are listed below.

TikTok Web

is a website that allows you to view TikToks made in real time. It has a default layout of the "For You" page on the app, and over 1 million TikToks already loaded

  • 1.34mil Number Of TikToks Loaded
  • 107k Page Views


This is a collection of all my APIs


To see all my work on Roblox, click below. A lot of my work is on a group called Hebby, which can be found by clicking the group button below.


To see all my work on scratch, click below.

Multi Genre Research Project

My MGRP project for Language + Literacy 8 is about Google and it's involvements with the pentagon.